Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It's nice to see that Wikipedia chronicles recent blizzards. We sure have had a lot of them lately! Here are the North American storms from the 2010-11 winter:

Here are the storms from the 2009-10 winter:
I recall being disappointed that the 2010 February storms missed the Boston area. Now that I know a bit more about ice dams, I really don't mind so much when big storms miss us!

North Atlantic Oscillation

The National Weather Service has a page showing the current status of major weather oscillations around North America, including the Atlantic Oscillation and North Atlantic Oscillation. The Atlantic Oscillation has been (strongly) negative from late November 2010 through late January 2011. It has recently lifted to positive territory. This has been quite noticeable around Boston as temperatures have warmed a bit and the pace of Nor'easters has slowed.