Monday, November 2, 2009

Wunderfixer and Weewx

Sounds like if I'll want a relatively clean history of my station stored at, I'll need the Wunderfixer, which is a utility for updating wunderground records to match your weewx or wview records on a given day. I.e. it sounds like you first need to do the detective work to discover the lapse at wunderground. But, then, this script makes the fix easy.

This discovery also leads me to believe that weewx may be the recording/uploading software I should use. Whereas wview is written in C++ and handles a wide variety of configurations, weewx is written in Python and is written for exactly my situation---uploading data from a Vantage Pro2 to using U.S. units via a desktop machine (wview is so efficient that it can run on a Linksys NSLU2). Since the weewx code base is Python and much smaller (than wview's), it should be much easier to understand and modify. Another plus is that the author reported no DST issues whereas from what I read on the mailing list, it sounded like wview only recently switched to using UTC-based timestamps...

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